Private Education Colleges


RafflesEducation’s colleges under the Private Education System (“PES”) provide a range of Degree, Diploma and Certification programmes in various professional disciplines. They include Design, Information Technology, Business, Biomedical Sciences and Psychology. Courses are conducted in English by an international faculty.



Raffles Academy of Continuing Education (“RACE”), an institute of Raffles College of Higher Education, was established in December 2011 to provide quality continual learning to adult learners who aspire to upgrade their existing skills and expand their knowledge horizon. Classes, conducted by subject-matter experts, are complete with practical sessions to enhance the learning experience at the Academy. As a programme partner of the Employment & Employability Institute (“e2i”) and the Workforce Development Agency (“WDA”) from the year 2012 to 2013, adult learners were supported and funded by both agencies to maximise their experiential learning with RACE. Given the strong enrollment at the launch of RACE’s Professional Diplomas, these programmes are now available to all interested public.

National Education Colleges

In China, the Group currently has 2 colleges and 1 university under the National Education System (“NES”). NES colleges provide academic and skills training courses that lead to nationally recognised tertiary qualifications.


The mainstream education is taught in Chinese by quality local faculty, and students receive qualifications accredited by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. There are currently over 14,000 students at the Group’s NES colleges, including at the Group’s Oriental Institute of Technology in Oriental University, Langfang.

Raffles Millennium International

India has the largest youth population in the world with over 600 million youths. It is inevitable that the Group has identified India to be one of its key markets.


Raffles Millennium International (“RMI”) colleges were formed through a joint venture between RafflesEducation and Educomp Solutions Ltd, one of India’s largest public-listed education company. RMI introduces the Group’s entire suite of award-winning programmes in Design, Business and Hospitality to the large student population in India.


There are currently five RMI colleges in six Indian cities, namely Bangalore, Chennai, Greater Noida, Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi, offering Advanced Diploma and Degree programmes.

Raffles University System

RafflesEducation is committed to providing quality education through its network of institutions in the Asia-Pacific. Raffles University System (”RUS”) is the principal body that holds the overall responsibility for coordinating and harmonising the curriculum, quality assurance of content and delivery, as well as improvement of academic programmes for the Group’s network of colleges and universities.


RUS has a stringent and rigorous reporting and audit system to ensure quality standards and assurance, as well as operational compliance. A Senate is appointed to coordinate standards between the Universities. Harmonisation between the Advanced Diploma and Degree offerings is achieved through the Curriculum Review Committee and RUS membership on Academic Boards and Senate Committees.

University-level Institutions

RafflesEducation has four university-level institutions that are strategically located in Australia, China, India and Malaysia. In March 2013, the Group signed an investment agreement with the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka to establish Raffles University Sri Lanka. This addition enhanced the Group’s footprint of university-level institutions.